Trinity Pawling Hockey Rink Guidelines


To:      The Families / Friends of all Participants in the PYH Program                                     12/05/11

From:  PYH Executive Board

Hello All,

As you know, Trinity Pawling School has graciously allowed Pawling Youth Hockey (PYH) to use their Rink since the inception of our Program. Each year they offer us access to their facilities at VERY reasonable rates, often donating ice and other ‘services’ to our Program as well. Our relationship with Trinity Pawling is a major factor in the success and continued viability of PYH. One of the reasons that our relationship has remained so strong/positive has been our commitment to respecting their rules and regulations, as well as the people and property that make up the school.  Every player, coach, family member and friend that attends a game or practice represents PYH while they are on premise. In an effort to ensure that PYH maintains and strengthens this important relationship as well as minimize the risk of someone getting hurt, we ask that you PLEASE read the bullets below, review them with your family and ensure that they are complied with.

-       Parking: unfortunately parking is somewhat limited directly in front of the Rink. Please adhere to all posted signs. The road leading up to the gymnasium and rink should only be used for Emergency or other approved access to the buildings, it should not be used as a parking lane even if the gate is inadvertently left open. Additional parking is available in the lot on the right as you enter the facility and should be used as needed. Please do not park in the driveway of the house on the left as you enter the facility. Handicap parking is clearly posted and is available in the lot in front of the rink as well as on the side of the rink by the Zamboni room. At no time should anyone park on the grass or fields of Trinity Pawling School.

-       Speed Limit: Although it may not be clearly posted, the speed limit for the Parking Areas is 5 MPH. For the safety of our children, please do not speed in the parking areas!

-       Use of Sticks / Pucks: is STRICTLY limited to appropriately supervised (by certified Coaches only) practices and games ON the ice only. It is not allowed anywhere else on the premises, including inside the rink building, the locker rooms, the warm room or the courtyard area. There are no exceptions to this policy.

-       Ball playing (I.E. ‘wall ball’), Tag, etc.: Is not permitted inside any buildings, in the courtyard leading to the locker rooms or in the parking areas. Weather permitting, the football field on the other side of the parking lot can be used with appropriate adult supervision. In general, running inside the buildings in not permitted.

-       Access to the Rink: We ask that parents / children stay on the ‘bleacher’ seating side of the rink to watch both games and practices. The Courtyard (players bench) side of the rink should only be accessed by active players, coaches and officials. Skate sharpening is accessible from the bleacher side of the rink.

-       Ice Partition Pads:  Children are not permitted to play on, in or around these pads. PYH made a very significant investment in purchasing these ice dividers and they should be used for their intended purpose only, not as a playground. We would like to prolong the use of this equipment for as long as possible.

-       Pets: We ask that you refrain from bringing any pets to games or practices unless they are required to provide assistance, service, or support to a person with disabilities.

Please remember that we are guests of the Trinity Pawling School, and as such we should treat the students, faculty, grounds and facilities with the respect that they deserve. Our individual actions are a direct reflection on the PYH Program. Thanks for your attention/consideration to this matter!

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