To build the character of our children through the enjoyment, teamwork andchallenge of participating in a family-oriented youth ice hockey program.

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Evaluation Process

Pawling Youth Hockey will schedule sufficient time for team evaluations when scheduling ice time.  Each Division shall select players for each team at annual evaluations which shall be open to all players of appropriate age.  Evaluations are not optional. Any player that does not attend evaluations will be placed on a team at the discretion of the Pawling Youth Hockey Board and will usually be placed on the weakest team in that division unless extenuating circumstances exist.  To ensure the most competitive evaluation environment possible for the benefit of all skaters, returning first Year A and B players are not guaranteed a spot as a second- year A or B player. All positions will be earned during evaluations, except as noted below for reasons of player safety, illness, or injury

Selection Criteria:

Evaluations shall consist of skill evaluation in the areas of skating, passing and receiving, stick handling, shooting, play making, stamina, and checking (if applicable).  In addition Goaltenders will also be evaluated based on their skill in making saves and controlling rebounds.  Players will also be evaluated in scrimmage or game situations to determine positional play and competitiveness.  Players will be evaluated by the adults knowledgeable in the game of hockey appointed by the PYH Board.  Final selections will be made by the PYH Board in consultation with the evaluators.

On occasion there may be an excessive amount of player registration in a particular age or team bracket.  Every effort will be made to place all players up to the maximum number allowed by CHC team registration rules. Travel Teams will consist of no more than twenty (20) players (including two (2) goalkeepers).