To build the character of our children through the enjoyment, teamwork andchallenge of participating in a family-oriented youth ice hockey program.

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Pawling Youth Hockey
Thomas J. Sage Jr. Sportsmanship Award
This award is named in honor of a man who dedicated over 30 years of his life to Pawling Youth Hockey, having served as a Coach, Member of the Board of Directors, President and Treasurer. 
Tom’s leadership, dedication and sense of fair play will forever impact the participants of Pawling Youth Hockey. 
The players named below have demonstrated the highest levels of sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to their team.

The criteria for receiving the award will be as follow:

1.       Players will be in their final year at the Bantam Level
2.       All players who satisfy #1 above will be considered for the award
3.       Recipients shall be considered based solely on their level of sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to their team.
4.       Playing ability shall not be considered when choosing this award.

A selection committee will decide who shall receive the award each year. 
The selection committee shall be comprised of the head coach and two assistants of the candidate’s team, the Bantam level representative of the Board of Directors,
the High School Coach, the Vice President of the Board and one other member of the Board of Trustees.

The winner will be notified prior to the completion of the current season and will have his or her name added to a perpetual plaque as well as an individual plaque awarded.

The plaque has been awarded to:
Luke Geiger - Bantam 2016-17 Season
Ryan Maasz & Gerry Macchia - Bantam 2015-2016 Season
Conrad Adams - Bantam 2014-15 Season

Peter Reid - Bantam 2013-14 Season

Chris Polletta - Bantam 2012-13 Season

Liam Henderson - Bantam  2011-2012 Season

Cody Adams - Bantam 2010-2011 Season

Matt Jorgensen - Bantam 2009-2010 Season

Kevin Nash -Bantam 2008-2009 Season

Evan King- Bantam 2007-2008 season

Johnnie Bellucci -Bantam 2006-2007 season

Joe Leonaggio -Bantam 2005-2006 season

Josh Paugh -Bantam 2004-2005 season